Edinburgh Tradesmen – Why Detailed Quotes are Crucial

Why Getting Detailed Quotes Is Crucial for Your Next Construction Project in Edinburgh

The difference between a quote and estimate is that the former is fixed, while the latter is an educated guess. Where price is concerned, you want something that is fixed and can’t be changed at any given time. This underscores the importance of getting quotes from building contractors, such as Edinburgh Tradesmen, rather than an estimated cost.

There’s a possibility, however, that the quote you’re getting is not detailed enough and that there are fees deliberately hidden from you. When the time comes when you need to pay the contractor in full, you get an unwelcome surprise. So, for your next building or renovation project in Edinburgh, you should make sure all the details are outlined clearly and properly with no hidden extras.

What Edinburgh Tradesmen Suggest Quotes Must Include:

Regardless of whether the construction is small or huge in size, a new construction or renovation, the most accurate price must be quoted for you. Make sure the quote you receive has the following:

  • Fixed total price (if not daily rate)
  • Breakdown of all the work to be done and corresponding costs
  • Breakdown of all the materials needed and corresponding costs
  • Length of the price validity – how long the quoted price is valid for
  • VAT if the price includes the added tax
  • Conditions when the price can go up, such as:
  • You agree to have extra work done
  • You agree to change the materials to something better/more expensive

When hiring a contractor from Edinburgh Tradesmen for a daily rate, you must put into writing and include in the quote the following:

  • The number of days it will take the work to complete
  • The number of hours that count as a day of work
  • When they might need to work more days with your approval

Different projects will have different quotes, but all of them must have the items listed above. Otherwise, look for another contractor to work with and spare yourself from financial headaches.

Sample of a Building or Renovation Quote:

New Patio Project

  • Preparation of the area where grass will be added, excavation and sub-base preparation
  • Small, new Bradstone Gironda patio slabs to be installed in place at a depth of 6 inches and falling away from the property
  • A new step to be formed using bricks and slabs with matching colour as the patio and wall.


Bradstone Gironda small x 150        (£1,000+)

Cement x 4                                     (£35.20)

Standard bricks x 80                       (£75.00)


12 hours x Standard hourly rate      (£336.00)


 What about hidden fees?

To protect yourself from possible surprises, arm yourself with the right information. Common hidden costs include approval and certification fees, site preparation costs, temporary site requirements, availability and completion period, structural costs, electrical costs, insulation, door hardware, fly screens, bathroom mirrors, bathroom fixtures, and fencing. Where applicable, you must ask a contractor to include fees for such items.

One important thing, never say yes to a quote before checking out a contractor’s insurance. If the policy runs before a project is completed, you could end up paying more. So check for the policies on public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance.

Spare yourself possible problems by hiring the services of Edinburgh Tradesmen. We provide the most detailed quote for any building project, small or big, and they can tackle any type of work what with the comprehensive services we provide, from brick layering to joinery.

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