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Hiring tradesmen for kitchen, bathroom and other home projects, whether renovation or construction from scratch, guarantees a job well done, with little to no problems. This is especially true if you hire professionals through Edinburgh Tradesmen, an online platform that connects you with qualified and pre-vetted tradesmen. The same platform is also where tradesmen can sign up to boost their network and client base.

What Trades Do Edinburgh Tradesmen Offers

Bathroom Specialist

Whether you need a bathroom renovated, outfitted or built from scratch, Edinburgh Tradesmen will help you find the specialist that you need. One with the skills, knowledge and experience to complete the project without wasting your time and money.


Do you need a general contractor, construction worker, real estate developer, a carpenter, and a build engineer? Depending on what a project needs, you can hire one or two of these professionals. If it’s a really big one, you might need to hire them all, and then other professionals for the finishing touches.


Anyone who deals with building materials for a wide range of construction projects, including ships and concrete formwork, is a carpenter. If you need help from someone with those same skills and qualifications, Edinburgh Tradesmen can help you connect with one or two.


Elegantly known as artisans in the woodworking trade, joiners are in the business of putting together pieces of wood to create stunning fittings and furniture. They’re the tradesmen you call when you want cabinets, doors and windows built and installed


Dealing with electrical wiring, stationary machines and electronic devices requires special skills and training, something that electricians must acquire if they want to offer their services. Considering the risks associated with anything electricity-related, you must hire professional electricians.


Improving a home or a building’s aesthetics is as easy as painting the walls. Getting the job done, however, must be done by professionals if the work has to be completed without a problem. Painters, after all, don’t just paint. They also determine a suitable mixture, mix paint and choose a paint that provides protection against water damage, corrosion, mould, and rust.


A decorator’s job is complicated, despite the term being self-explanatory. They don’t just decorate, they need to be in the know about the art and science of enhancing interiors as well. No one knows better as to what paint colour would work best for a particular type of furnishings than a decorator.


A plumbing is either simple or complicated, but only a skilled plumber will be able to connect one pipe to the next without causing water to back up or sewer drain to get clogged. This is one of those jobs that only professional tradesmen must do.

Heating Engineer

This refers to people who installs, check and maintains heating equipment at home and in large buildings. A heating engineer is also who you call to have your gas lines checked.

Window & Conservatory Specialist

As specialists, such tradesmen not only install windows, doors and conservatories, but do so in strict compliance with building codes and according to client specifications.

Why hire a tradesman from Edinburgh Tradesmen?

Edinburgh Tradesmen will connect you with a decent, reputable and hardworking tradesman who will get the job done properly and professionally. That’s a guarantee.

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