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Why DIY Electrical Work Spells Disaster

With all the electricians Edinburgh has, there’s no reason for you to do DIY. And with the dangers of electrocution and fires, you shouldn’t risk handling any and all sorts of electrical works, regardless of how simple or small.

The rules are also clear and explicit, a registered electrician must be hired if you need any electrical work done. Failure to do so would mean that the local authority can force you to remove or alter any electrical work that failed to meet the new building standards of Scotland. And although new buildings, existing flats, houses and maisonettes that are less than two stories may be exempted from the new system, there are still numerous benefits to hiring registered electricians.

Why is important to use professional electricians?

Spare you from headaches that the new building regulations bring

New building rules and regulations state that…If you dare to go further, you will find out that the new system isn’t exactly straightforward and that there are many criteria you need to meet and understand. But you just want your electrical equipment and appliances hooked up. So hire a registered and competent electrician, and they can deal with all the rules on your behalf.

Provide you with the required certificates

Did you know that when an electrical work is under a building warrant that local authorities have to check and approve the work? Unless they’re completed by a registered installer with the appropriate certification, the entire project could be considered illegal and subject for a re-work. Now that’s a lot of time, effort and money wasted. If you want to avoid such hassles, make sure to hire and approved certifier.

Under the Scottish Building Regulations 2004, you will receive one or both certificates – the Certificate of Construction (Electrical Installations to BS 7671) and the Electrical Installation Certificate or Minor Works Certificate. The former confirms that the installation complies with the new rules, while the latter confirms that the installation is compliant with BS 7671.

Get a refund

If you present one or more certificate from an approved certifier, you may get a minimum refund of £20 from the original Building Warrant fee, or 1% for each certificate and up to a maximum of 20% covering a defined trade or installation. That’s great incentive right there, even when the warrant fee is just £100 for a work value of £0-£5,000.

Access to formal complaints procedure

If the work carried out by a registered installer doesn’t meet the rules, you can easily file a complaint to have the job re-worked at no expense on you. Registered doesn’t always mean competent, so make sure that the approved certifier you hire has the skills and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

Reduce risk and costly mistakes

When you hire professional electricians Edinburgh companies offer, you eliminate the possibility of electrocution and incorrect installations that can result in fires, or broken equipment and appliances. Don’t put a price on safety.

Why hire Edinburgh tradesmen?

We are not only skilled and knowledgeable, but also carry the license and accreditation that allow us to carry out a wide range of electrical works. As we are pre-vetted, you are guaranteed only the best electricians.

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